Rule 26 AIM

Last Update: 08/02/2018

The following information is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules (February 2010).

  • Real Good Food plc (RGF) is a company incorporated in England and Wales. It was incorporated in 2003 and its registered number is 4666282 The address of the registered office – International House, 1 St Katharines' Way London, E1W 1XB The Company's main country of operation is the United Kingdom. For a full description of the Company's business please click here
  • The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers
  • The names of the Company's directors are as follows:
    • Pat Ridgwell –  Interim Chairman
    • Hugh C L Cawley- Executive Director
    • Harveen Rai - Finance Director and Company Secretary
    • Christopher Thomas –  Non Executive Deputy Chairman
    • Jacques d'Unienville – Non Executive Director
    • Judith MacKenzie - Non Executive Director
      Brief biographies for each director can be found here For details of Audit and Remuneration committees and their remit please click here The Company is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. Whilst the Company, which is listed on AIM, is not required to report on corporate governance matters, it is the Board's intention to both disclose and report on the corporate governance structures and processes that are operated and to develop these further to meet the standards appropriate for a Group of Real Good Food's size and complexity. The Company therefore applies the principles and spirit of corporate governance as set out by the UK Corporate Governance Code which is set out in more detail within the company's annual report and accounts which can be found here.
  • The Company is required to make its original admission document available pursuant to Rule 26 and the Company does not intend this document to be used for any other purpose. This document was written in 2003 and may be out of date in respect of certain matters. Please click here. The Company has since updated the Articles of Association at the 2005 AGM. The articles outline any restrictions on the transfer of securities (if any).Please click here.
  • The Company has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities admitted or traded to any exchanges or trading platforms other than AIM.
  • As of 5th January 2018  Real Good Food had in issue 78,449,241  shares  of 2 pence each in the Company ("Ordinary Shares"). No shares are held in treasury. In so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of Ordinary Shares not in public hands was 69.2%.

    There are no restrictions on the transfer of Real Good Food Plc Aim securities.
  • As at 5th January  2018, the Company is aware of the following shareholders holding 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company:
     Total Shares     % Holding
    NB Ingredients Ltd 22,139,999 28.2%
    Omnicane International Investors Ltd 20,643,954 26.3%
    Downing LLP 7,844,924 10.0%
  • The Company's annual reports and interim reports published for the last three years can be found here.
  • Notifications made by the Company in the past 12 months can be found in the Regulatory Announcements section.
  • For details of key advisors click here.
  • Roger Tejwani Research Director finnCap Limited T: 02072200548 E:  
  • A signed copy of Real Good Food's statement on modern slavery and human trafficking is available to viewed and downloaded here